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Non-GMO Vegetarian Kosher Gluten free Nut free Egg free Soy free

Milk, vitamin D3

From the producer:

a2 Milk® Whole Milk is a delicious, full-bodied milk suitable for everyone. It’s perfect in milkshakes, coffee, on cereal, in cooking, or simply on its own. In a survey of 10,000 Moms Meet Members and Participants, 96% said they would recommend a2 Milk® to a friend.

About The a2 Milk Company:

Back in 2000, The a2 Milk Company™ was founded in New Zealand by Dr Corran McLachlan after an amazing discovery. While studying at Cambridge University, Corrie learned that proteins in milk affect people differently. He learned that ordinary cows produce milk with different beta-casein proteins, called A1 and A2 (among others). What was amazing? People who had discomfort when drinking ordinary cows’ milk were able to enjoy a2 Milk® without the same downsides because it contains only the pure A2 protein type and no A1. He further discovered that, originally, all cows produced only the A2 protein type and no A1 (the A1 protein emerged later through modern farming practices in European herds and then spread throughout the world). Corrie knew there were still some cows that produced milk with only the A2 protein. The secret was finding a safe and simple way to identify the right cows and ensure he could deliver natural and pure a2 Milk®, completely free from the A1 protein, to people everywhere. So, he did. And, from there, The a2 Milk Company™ was formed. Today, our mission remains the same: to pioneer the scientific understanding of a2 Milk® so we can bring more people the pleasure and nutritional goodness that only comes from real and natural dairy milk

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