Halloumi Cheese

Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Salt, Non-Animal Rennet, Mint

From the producer:

Halloumi is a cheese that is versatile, unique and perfect for all of your seasonal fêtes! The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is home to Halloumi, which features the texture of mozzarella and a flavor that resembles feta. Atalanta Halloumi is a pure sheep’s milk cheese seasoned with mint leaves and made with vegetable microbial, making it perfect for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. What makes Halloumi so unique is its “squeaky” mouth feel and hearty taste. Because it does not melt when cooked, Halloumi can be grilled, fried and sautéed much like another vegetarian staple, tofu. Grill marks are beautifully showcased, making it a perfect accompaniment to tangy lemon flavors and pickled vegetables.

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