Organic Sweet & Tangy Dried Mangoes Supersnack
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    Organic Sweet & Tangy Dried Mangoes Supersnack

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Non-GMO Organic Vegan Vegetarian Paleo Gluten free Dairy free

Organic Dried Mango.

From the producer:

Some people say snacks are no laughing matter. They think food is only meant to nourish, not amuse. Well, they can go ahead and keep on strolling down Serious Street because we believe nature has what it takes to make you smile so big, you laugh for no reason. Enter Made In Nature's Organic Mangoes. Ripened in the hot tropical sun, these tender strips of mango serve up a healthy burst of fresh flavor and comic relief from the standard day-to-day. But our mango quality? That we don’t take lightly. Only the finest, juiciest fruits will do, and we are not joking around. Seriously.

About Made In Nature:

We don't mess around with food. Nature got it right the first time, and we've got mad respect for that.

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