Organic Cayenne Pepper
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Organic Cayenne Pepper

From the producer:

Spicely's Organic Cayenne Pepper is ideal for adding warmth to braises, curries, and stews. It is made from the celebrated red cayenne peppers carefully harvested at the peak of their freshness, sun-dried to preserve their pungent flavors, and then ground into a fine powder. Using at Home Our gluten free cayenne pepper is like having a little jar of deliciously spicy fire powder that you can add to any dish to amp up the heat. The spiciness of the pepper can help open the palate and enhance the natural flavors of the dish it's incorporated in. Some traditional uses include adding it to braises, curries, stews, or, of course, your next pot of chili. The intense flavor profile also compliments the charring effect that grilling has on meats and veggies. It works as a great rub or an addition to your favorite hamburger mix. Try dusting corn on the cob before grilling.

About Spicely Organics:

We believe in sharing quality organic products that you can enjoy with confidence.We strive to nourish your body and respect the environment by certifying each of our products organic and gluten free, using pure ingredients that are ethically sourced from around the world and embracing sustainable, eco-friendly practices, always. Whether you are dedicated to a wholesome, organic lifestyle, are dabbling in a gluten-free diet or enjoy using the freshest and most expansive variety of spices in your culinary creations, we want you to empower your creativity and wellness with quality organic ingredients and help you feel good about your food choices.

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