Strawberry Frozen Pops (4pk)
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    Strawberry Frozen Pops (4pk)

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Non-GMO Vegan Vegetarian Kosher Gluten free Dairy free

Strawberry Purée (Strawberries, Lemon Juice), Water, Cane Sugar.

From the producer:

Just fruit, water, and cane sugar—that's it! It's a refreshing frozen treat with nothing to hide. Sweet strawberry flavor perfect for an afternoon snack, by the pool, or for cooling down after dinner. At only 60 calories the only thing stopping you is a brain freeze!

About Chloe's Pops:

Armed with a freezer full of over-ripened bananas, best friends, and patience, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit™ was born using only fruit, water and a touch of organic cane sugar. That's it! Distinctively delicious, intensely fruity, creamy without the cream and most importantly - no after-taste! We created the all-natural alternative to both the artificial ingredients of frozen yogurt and the fat and dairy of ice cream.

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