Fig Spread
Non-GMO Vegetarian Dairy free Egg free Soy free

Figs, Pure Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid.

From the producer:

A must have with every cheese plate you curate! This spread is crafted in Croatia using figs from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. It is cooked with great care to protect the integrity of the fruit and to create a rich, full-bodied, fruity flavor-an unsurpassed tasting experience! Each fig is inspected by hand for quality, using only first class figs. In addition to cheese plates, it's delish blended with chopped almonds and plain Greek yogurt or with grilled cheese and ham. The combinations are endless!

About Dalmatia Spreads:

Our authentic Fig Spread recipe is bold and intense with rich and sweet flavor notes. Every fig is hand-selected for quality, then gently cooked to preserve the essence of fig flavor in every bite! We hope you enjoy our special creation! The unique coastal region of Croatia is the inspiration for our brand Dalmatia® — well-known for its Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, nuts, cheeses, domestic olive oils and of course, its beauty. Our flavorful sweet and savory spreads are made from the best local and regional ingredients we can find—quince, fig, sour cherry, pepper & eggplant, orange, and apricot to name a few. Because fig production in Dalmatia is limited, we continue to encourage its farming community, and pay a premium price to farmers in support of that effort—it is a commitment originally inspired by our love for a beautiful land and a beautiful people! We use first-class fruit to make our Spreads and actively work to support regional agriculture in Northern and Eastern Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, coastal Dalmatia, and other Mediterranean regions. Our figs come from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. Each fig is inspected by hand for quality, before being gently cooked into our signature Fig Spreads! The Sweet Spreads pair perfectly with cheeses of all varieties, and with baked goods, and the Savory Spreads are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie or antipasto plate. Taste the Magic which is Dalmatia!

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