Whole Milk Ricotta
Vegetarian Keto Gluten free

Cultured Grade A Pasteurized Jersey Cow’s Milk, Salt

From the producer:

We do not use any vinegar when making this ricotta. We culture the milk and let the acidity develop naturally for many hours until it is ready to start the heating process. Making ricotta this way requires constant attention--once heating begins we stand at the vat watching for just the right moment to stop stirring and let the curds form. This gives it the most delicate texture and incredible flavor of any ricotta on the market.

About Bellwether Farms:

A former nurse, Cindy Callahan founded Bellwether Farm in 1986. For a woman to undergo such a life change in her 50s was unusual to say the least. But it led to an exciting and rewarding adventure in tending to sheep and raising lambs. A casual suggestion by a friend to milk the sheep opened Cindy’s eyes to the potential of a sheep dairy farm. She embraced the challenge with customary enthusiasm, bringing the rest of her family along for the very eventful ride. To this day, Cindy assists in the delivery of nearly every lamb on the farm.

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