Sour Patch Kids Xploderz Soft and Chewy Candy, 6.5 oz Bag
Sour Patch
Sour Patch Kids Xploderz Soft and Chewy Candy, 6.5 oz Bag
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From the producer:

Mischieffilled SOUR PATCH KIDS start out sour then turn sweet. Whether you are trying to plan out the perfect prank or the ideal delight these tasty little confections are chewy treats that are perfect for a playfilled break. SOUR PATCH KIDS come in single packs for individual snacking and bulk packages that are ideal for sharing pfft who are we kidding there will be no sharing. Get some for your next movie night or just for a fun SOUR THEN SWEET treat for yourself your family and friends. SOUR PATCH KIDS are Sour then Sweet then Gone. SOUR. SWEET. GONE.

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