Aji Mirin (Rice Wine)
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    Aji Mirin (Rice Wine)

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Non-GMO Vegan Vegetarian Dairy free Nut free Egg free Soy free

Glucose Syrup, Water, Alcohol, Rice, Corn Syrup, Salt.

From the producer:

Aji-Mirin is a type of rice wine that is similar to sake, but has a lower alcohol content and a higher sugar content. Aji-Mirin is an ingredient in dipping sauces, broths, marinades and glazes. It tenderizes and adds a mild sweetness to dishes and also help to mask the smell of fish and seafood dishes. It also tends to help emphasize the flavor of dishes, and thanks to its sugar and alcohol content, keeps ingredients from losing their kick. Here are some simple cooking ideas. Add a tablespoon per cup of rice for some nice extra flavor. Or add some on top of pork, steaks for a complimentary hint of sweetness. Or use it to caramelize some vegetables.

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