Fresh Tokyo Ramen Noodles
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Nona Lim
Fresh Tokyo Ramen Noodles
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Vegan Vegetarian Nut free Soy free

From the producer:

Just as there are many different types of pasta, there are many types of ramen. Tokyo Ramen is originally from the capital of Japan and is also the most popular type of ramen around the world. The thin and curly yellow ramen is traditionally paired with a shoyu (soy-sauce based) broth but you can make it your own with any of Nona’s broths. We have even used it in cold noodle salads with a ginger and sesame dressing, and in stir-fries. The possibilities are endless! Enjoying the most famous Japanese noodles at home is now possible with Nona Lim’s fresh ramen noodles. All vegan and with no preservatives or any additives,these ramen noodles are refrigerated to maintain freshness. We use purified water and a careful selection of flour to create the perfect texture and bite. Pair our ramen noodles with our fresh homemade broths or stir-fry them with your favorite ingredients.


Wheat Flour, purified water, sea salt, sodium carbonate, vital when gluten.

About Nona Lim:

As a former professional athlete, I was constantly seeking natural ways to gain a competitive advantage; I discovered the power of food as functional medicine. I observed how inflammatory foods would hurt my performance: my body and brain would only function at peak performance or recover faster when fueled with whole, clean foods. So I designed a healing, nutrient-dense, non-inflammatory meal program made with fresh, plant-rich, whole food ingredients and clean preparations made from scratch. Word spread, and soon I was delivering these meals all over Oakland - the Nona Lim brand was born. Today, we offer a variety of prepared meals and soups, broths, and noodles that you can customize to make-it-your-own. Infused with the Asian flavors and spices of my childhood in Singapore, we focus on whole clean food with no additives, no preservatives, low sodium, and low sugar. Our products are dairy free, mostly gluten free, and 100% crap-free.

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