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    Dungeness Crab & Shrimp Bisque

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From the producer:

This popular seafood soup serves up the Best of the West. Delectable crab and Pacific Pink shrimp, harvested from the depths of our local waters, are combined in a light cream sauce with sherry, sweet onions and hints of orange and cayenne.

Seafood bisques are known for their smooth, creamy textures that highlight seafood’s subtle flavors. Here, the richness of wild crab is blended with the sweetness of Oregon Pink Shrimp to strike a delicious and delicate balance. For this crab and shrimp bisque, both crustaceans are sustainably harvested to insure we can all enjoy them for years to come.

This healthy seafood bisque is gluten free. Our specially designed single-serving pouch is BPA free.

About Fishpeople:

What if you knew? You knew it all. Where your fish was caught. By who. And if it was handled with love. And what if all those answers were just what you needed to hear. As in: Sustainable Species. Wild Caught. In American waters. By independent fishermen. On boats with names like “Sunset Charge” and “Courageous”. Ethically. Responsibly. And you could follow it all, in intimate detail, online. Yeah, that would be a TMI zig to the BIG FISH zag of floating factories, overfishing, habitat destruction and stealth operations. So we lay everything bare. For the ocean’s sake. Your family’s sake. And the sake of our fishermen partners, their coastal communities, and American jobs. Here’s to pure seafood, free of GMOs, chemicals or artificial anything. Welcome to peace of mind.

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