Hickory Smoked Uncured Bacon
Gluten free Dairy free

Pork, water, sea, salt, turbinado sugar, celery powder.

From the producer:

What makes our bacon so badass, you ask? It might actually be what isn’t in our bacon that makes it a cut above our competitors’ cuts. All of our bacon are uncured, which means they are made without any added chemical ingredients. Put simply, with no more than four to five ingredients, you could say simple ingredients are our key to success. Add this to your mid-week or weekend meals and take your breakfast up a notch!

About Beeler's:

Meet the Beelers. Or should we say “meat” the Beeler’s? With six generations of sizzle, you could say that the Beeler heritage has tied back to bacon, backs and butts for years. In fact, way back in 1846, our great-great-grandpa Fred emigrated from Germany and settled in Madison County, Iowa. The work he did set our high standards for years to come. Today, we still own the original family farm that started it all so we can share the pork our family had growing up with the world. We stick to the simple, humane, and natural way of raising pork just like Grandpa Fred. Because when your goal is to bring the very best, wholesome pork products to family tables, it’s best for us to keep our business as a family affair so that we can ensure our product is the best it can be. We’ve got a spot saved for you around our family table, serving the same wholesome pork that we had growing up. Take a bite, and you might be surprised to finally experience the way pork is supposed to taste.

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