Drumstick King Size Vanilla With Chocolatey Swirls Ice Cream Cone
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    Drumstick King Size Vanilla With Chocolatey Swirls Ice Cream Cone

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From the producer:

Nestle Drumstick Vanilla With Chocolatey Swirls King Cone overflows with creaminess, chocolativity and crunchability. Starting with a crispy sugar cone, we then combine a creamy vanilla center with a delicious chocolatey swirl and topped with peanuts – creating a snacking experience like no other. This frozen vanilla sundae cone offers a delicious frozen treat for the entire family. Plus, this delicious frozen dessert is made with no artificial colors* or flavors and are the perfect kosher snack. Each vanilla frozen dessert comes individually wrapped for quick, convenient snacking. Keep Drumstick sundae cones frozen until ready to enjoy. Celebrate with The Original Sundae Cone and get the classic vanilla ice cream cone flavor you love all in one unique eating experience with Drumstick. (*Added colors from natural sources).

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