Old Fashioned Whole Wheat
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    Old Fashioned Whole Wheat

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Wholesome Ingredients: 100% Freshly Stone Ground Whole Wheat Berries, Water, Honey, Yeast, Sea Salt, and Nothing Else!

From the producer:

33 g whole grain per slice. Freshly stone ground wheat. Grains of truth. Whole Grain Natural Bread Company was created to revive our childhood memories of homemade bread fresh from the kitchen oven. We have a passion for bread, and each loaf is handcrafted both by human hands and the hands of time. Our breads symbolize our intimate connection with the earth, starting with the daily stone grinding of whole grain wheat berries into fresh flour. This timeless skill preserves all the nutrients of a living kernel of wheat. We are proud to bring these heritage loaves back into your home along with a pleasant surprise - what's good for you tastes delicious!

About Whole Grain Bread Company:

Whole Grain Natural Bread Co. was founded in 1994 in Walnut Creek California. Popularity for the brand grew in the San Francisco Bay area and in 2004 got the attention of the folks at Beckmann's, which resulted first in a partnership and then in the acquisition of the company.

The joining of forces with Whole Grain Natural Bread Co. brought the first flour mill to Beckmann's and expanded the distribution throughout Northern California. Today you can find Whole Grain Natural Bread Co. products in major grocery chains and at farmers' markets.

Whole Grain Natural breads start with the whole wheat berry milled freshly every baking day. This retains all of the nutrients of the whole grain. We add more natural ingredients such as honey, grains, fruits or nuts to make eight flavors of incredible bread. Put one of these heritage loaves on the table and watch it disappear!

What's good for you - tastes delicious too!

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