Salt & Pepper Chicken
Gluten free Dairy free

Mary's Free Range non-GMO & antibiotic-free chicken, salt, pepper.

From the producer:

Simplicity at its best! Roli Roti Butcher’s Salt & Pepper Salad Chicken takes just three ingredients: air-chilled chicken breast meat, salt, and black peppercorns and cooks them all sous vide. The result is a super versatile succulent chicken breast meat that can be transformed to anyone’s liking by adding other herbs and aromatics. Think of this flavor as a blank canvas waiting for you to add your culinary art to it! Roli Roti Butcher’s Chicken is a ready-to-eat sous vide white chicken breast meat that is ready to add to virtually any dish or to be eaten all on its own. Gently cooked to perfection in custom spice blends from Oaktown Spice, Butcher's Chicken makes overcooked chicken breast a thing of the past. Simply eat straight from the box, or gently heat and add to add any dish that needs an extra delicious boost of protein.

About RoliRoti:

As a son of a Swiss ‘Metzgermeister’, or master butcher, Thomas Odermatt literally grew up in his family’s butcher shop in the Swiss Alps. This humble little shop is where Thomas learned his family's secrets of succulent, tender rotisserie. From his father, Otto, he learned the importance of using the right cuts for the right purpose, and of choosing only select, free range meats raised by trusted family farms. From his mother, Maria, he learned the family’s recipes for savory rotisserie, a specialty their shop prepared for customers on Saturdays. Though all the other butcher shops in the village offered rotisserie, only at Metzgerei Odermatt was there a line out the door and around the corner. Thomas earned his masters degree in organic farming from ETH, Zürich then traveled to the US to continue his education at UC Berkeley. He was captivated, instead, by the local, gourmet food scene developing in Berkeley. The wood fired ovens of Chez Panisse and the lively Farmers’ Markets resonated with him. Yet he soon realized that freshly cooked, healthy street food was nonexistent in the US. Meanwhile the rotisserie dinners Thomas prepared for friends were so wildly popular that he was inspired to fill this particular niche, by taking his family recipes on the road – indeed, to the streets. And the idea for Roli Roti, Gourmet Mobile Rotisserie was born. Today, Thomas and his family are passionate about sharing their slow food values, family recipes, and delicious rotisserie at farmers’ markets across the Bay Area. Roli Roti, America’s first and finest healthy, sustainable, slow cooked ‘street food’.

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