Nationwide 2-hr Delivery For Your Customers

Grocery OS is software that helps your dark store, delivery-only warehouse or supermarket profitably deliver to your customers' doorsteps.

What is Grocery OS?

Grocery OS abstracts challenging online grocery operations into modular software components that fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. It's been battle-tested inside existing supermarket locations with a Top-3 national grocery partner, and Farmstead's dark warehouse, delivery-only West Coast operations.

National 2-hr delivery for your grocery banners

Offer 2-hr delivery with a 1-hr cutoff in any market that you currently have a store, dark store or warehouse, while charting a path to profitability for your online operations.

Same prices as stores, short delivery windows, zero fees

Grocery OS' modules cut cost of fulfillment down to the point where customers can get the same prices they're used to at the stores, and free same-day delivery to doorstep.

Integrates with your existing apps and customer base

Source, pick/pack and deliver groceries to your customer's doorsteps with modular Grocery OS components that fit seamlessly into your existing apps and systems to drive profitability. Consumer apps available for white-labeled use.

Well-designed apps for your existing staff cut fulfillment costs

Your existing W2 or 1099 pick staff and delivery drivers will love using Grocery OS' fine-tuned apps to fulfill your app's customer orders. Additional pick and delivery staffing options available.

Build production lines while keeping your SKU selection

Dramatically reduce cost of order production with a batched production line in stores or warehouses without changing your existing SKU mix.

Inexpensive same-day & 1-hr batched delivery, pickup options with 1-hr cutoffs

Deliver to customers and their neighbors with tracked, batched deliveries in one to three hour windows. Partners for 1-hr delivery available nationwide. Bring your own drivers, with Grocery OS' models helping you cut costs.

Thoughtfully designed customer support systems to drive NPS

SMS and email-driven customer support workflows help your existing support staff stay in touch with customers in a timely manner.

Predict your inventory requirements, reduce food waste

Cut down customer substitutions. Our predictive systems tell you exactly what you're going to sell to your online customers, helping you procure just the right amounts for your dark store/warehouse using your existing vendors. GroceryOS delivers less than 5% food waste system-wide

Target and digitally attract your in-store customers online

Handcrafted marketing on multiple digital channels to drive just the right customers to your apps to increase your profitability.

Competitive pricing intel & deep analytics

Remain competitive in your markets using our pricing intel and easy-to-adjust pricing levers. Standard and custom reporting available to garner insights.

Low cap-ex models for stores, dark stores & warehouses

Grocery OS drives profitability in every online model. All the way from hundreds of orders per day in supermarkets to tens of thousands in delivery-only warehouses. No robotics necessary.

Interested in piloting?

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