Biena is a small food company on a big mission. We want to change how Americans snack, for the better. Biena started with Poorvi. While pregnant, she was searching for a healthier way to satisfy her snack cravings. Inspired by a favorite childhood snack, she started experimenting with roasted chickpeas in her own kitchen, developing a unique way to roast chickpeas to make them light and crispy, yet still maintain the protein, fiber and nutrients of a whole chickpea. Poorvi launched Biena in 2012, at a time when the trend around plant-protein snacks was still in it’s infancy. Our team here at Biena has grown since then, but our obsession with taste hasn’t changed. Our snacks are lightly crunchy, flaky and flavorful. It took us hundreds of trials to perfect our recipes and roasting process, part of the reason why Biena is one of the most award winning healthy snacks on the market. What makes Biena dramatically different is its nutrition profile – more protein and fiber to fill you up, with significantly less fat than nuts and chips. You get the crunch and flavor you want in a healthier way. Biena is a snack we feed our own family and friends. It's made from only the best ingredients, always. Our snacks are non-GMO and made from scratch in the USA.
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