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Dominick’s Seafood has been serving the nation with 100% all natural, traceable wild caught domestic shrimp since 1992. As a fourth-generation fisherman and processor with over 45 years of experience in the shrimping industry, Dominick has built an organization and reputation centered on the highest possible quality product. Dominick’s Seafood has earned an international reputation, not only for our best in class product, but also for our pioneering leadership on the Gulf Coast. We partnered with the Department of Conversation and Natural Resources to pilot the “Gulf Seafood Trace Program”, which tracks shrimp as they make their way from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the consumer or retailer. Our commitment to superior product and environmentally safe practices set us apart. We ship only the highest grade shrimp and implement sustainability practices throughout our process. We fish responsibly using TED’s (turtle exclusion devices) and bycatch devices to prevent harm to untargeted marine life. We also implement fuel conservation practices that help reduce consumption by 18%. Dominick’s Seafood is on a mission to deliver the world’s finest shrimp with excellent service and environmental responsibility.
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