Little Rae's Bakery
We are a crew of 19 bakers, mixers, sandwich builders, and daily ops wizards. Together we make, sell, and ship out more than 4,000 cookies, 700 muffins, and 500 sandwiches on any given day. Don’t ask how many pounds of butter that takes—you don’t want to know. James Morse and Sam Greene are the fearless leaders of the Little Rae’s Bakery crew, making sure these tasty baked goods keep flying out the door. Let’s learn a little more about them. James was one of the founding partners of Little Rae’s Bakery, which burst to life in the off-hours of an Italian restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1996. Baking all night and making deliveries all morning, the first thing James bought with his Little Rae’s earnings was a really comfy bed. He gets more sleep these days but is the same workhorse he’s always been, steering product development, sales, and everything else this bakery throws at him. James is a true citizen warrior—a daily defender of independence, originality, honesty in business, and real food. This spirit defines Little Rae’s Bakery and drives our commitment to produce simple, well-made food that everyone can enjoy. Sam has been with Little Rae’s practically since the beginning, starting out scooping scones by hand in a cramped shared kitchen in West Seattle. He still has that thumb muscle, but these days he is co-owner of Little Rae’s Bakery and oversees all daily operations. Curious and pragmatic with his eye on the details, Sam is on a perpetual quest to keep Little Rae’s a lean and efficient machine — with a heart.
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