Cece Veggie Noodle Company
Cece is a little girl with a gluten allergy who has a dedicated dad with a vision. He didn’t want her to miss out, but he wasn’t keen on preservative-packed dried pasta substitutes, either. Couldn’t we make nutritious eating a little more simple? When Cece excitedly snacked on the raw veggie spirals he created in his first noodling experiments, her dad knew he was on to something! This little girl’s veggie enthusiasm planted the seed to re-invent the produce section and simplify getting your daily dose of veggies. Cece’s® Veggie Co. was born to become everyone’s sous chef, offering a shortcut to pack more nutrients into any diet without sacrificing taste, time and quality. Cece led the way to create a simple but twisted way to eat your veggies, and have fun doing it. Cece’s Veggie Co. isn’t just a fun start-up business for Mason. It’s the next step in his journey to innovate with sustainability. Mason founded Greenling — an award-winning local and organic food delivery service all over Texas. From his chemical engineering background to the organic practices legislation he’s helped pass — Mason has been a Veggie Nerd for a long time. Mason knows vegetables. And he knows the value in keeping them simple. Simple but twisted.
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