Boba Guys
Bin and Andrew worked together at Timbuk2, the kickass messenger bag and accessories company. Bin found the only other Asian guy at Timbuk2 and asked Andrew if he wanted to play ping pong. After playing ping pong for an hour, we realized that we had the same upbringing despite our geographic and cultural differences: Bin, the small-town country boy from Texas and Andrew, the nerd from New Jersey/California. Needless to say, we became great friends and bonded over lunch runs to the local boba shop in the Mission. One day it closed down. We panicked. But soon took matters into our own hands and started learning how to make the perfect cup of boba milk tea. The wheels were churning. Two months later, we threw our first pop-up event with our friends at Ken Ken Ramen. When we were building Boba Guys, we wrote three simple words down that forever anchored us in our business strategy: quality, passion, and transparency. Over time, it's evolved into three core values that every Boba Guy and Boba Gal stands for. WE STAND FOR QUALITY Food is our craft. Our drinks are deconstructed so we can use small batch methods when possible and the finest of ingredients. We strive for the best and work towards it every day. WE ARE BALLSY Call us crazy, but we believe in changing the way people see boba and tea. That starts with being transparent, above and beyond what you would expect from normal businesses. It also means we dare to try new things. You'll never know what will come from us next. WE GIVE A DAMN We source responsibly, pride ourselves on customer service, and care about what you think. We give 100% in everything we do: whether it's making a cup of tea, sweeping the floors, or milking a cow.
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