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When the original founders of Westbrae Natural opened the doors of their retail grocery store in 1970, Bob Gerner and Kristin Brun offered their customers homemade granola, organic vegetables from Bob's garden, organic fruits from local farmers and whole grain baked goods using Kristin's recipes.

In the late 1980s, Westbrae Natural was sold to a group of food-savvy investors. No longer a retail business, the company (now located in southern California), continued to grow. The Research and Development Department expanded the Westbrae Natural line and achieved leadership in the natural products industry!

Available in natural food stores as well as mainstream supermarkets, Westbrae Natural's array of vegetarian foods includes beans, soups, pastas and vegetables. In addition, customers can find condiments, Japanese ramens, rice cakes and wafers, and yummy cookies, all made with integrity and the high Westbrae Natural standards.

In 1997, Westbrae was acquired by The Hain Food Group, which is headquartered in Melville, New York. Now named The Hain Celestial Group, they market natural and "better-for-you" foods and snacks, including Celestial Seasonings®, Yves Veggie Cuisine®, Hain Pure Foods®, Earth's Best®, Little Bear®, Bearitos®, Health Valley®, Breadshop®, Casbah®, Estee®, Hollywood; Arrowhead Mills, Inc., DeBoles Foods, Inc., Terra Chips®, Garden of Eatin', Inc., WestSoy®, Kineret®, Featherweight®, Farm Foods, Boston Better Snacks®, Weight Watchers®, Nile Spice™, Near East®, and Alba Foods®.

This history created the foundation for Westbrae Natural today. Westbrae Natural continues to develop and extend their line of natural foods, maintaining the original philosophy stated by Kirsten Brun, "let's do something for the planet, and let's do something good for the people on both sides of the counter!"

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