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In 2012, my dad started eating gluten-free to achieve a healthier diet. He managed to find a decent pasta and pancake mix but when he went in search of a gluten-free (GF) cookie, he was very disappointed. We tried everything we could find but found them all dry, crunchy and lacking flavor.

My dad grew up in a house where the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries filled the air daily. When he was young he watched, helped, and learned as his mom prepared amazing desserts. After a lifetime of good food he was not ready to give up sweets. So together we opened up grandma's cookbook to figure out a way to make the desserts we have enjoyed for years, gluten free. We had a lot of recipes to choose from, but our first choice had to be the ginger snap recipe that my dad won first prize with at the Western Montana Fair when he was 10. Needless to say, this is a very, very good cookie.

In looking at the recipe, the main thing we needed to find was the right GF flour to substitute in. We bought a bunch and started making small batches of ginger snaps using the various GF flours. We had some pretty funny results... some "interesting" tastes, cookies that came out of the oven just as round as when we had put them in, while others had a distinct grainy texture and simply fell apart. But after many failed batches we finally found a GF flour that maintained our ginger snaps flavor and texture. There were still improvements to be made, so we moved on to experimenting with the ratio between egg, butter, sugar, GF flour and molasses.

Long story short, we finally created the perfect GF Ginger Snap that we couldn’t tell from the original. OK, now where did that piece of paper go with the magic recipe?!

We applied our newfound GF baking knowledge to our Chocolate Chunk and Snicker Doodle recipes. They turned out so well that friends just wouldn't stop coming around, and soon suggested we sell them in stores. We designed some great packaging and in a matter of months, we were in gourmet markets around the Bay Area. It is so fun seeing our cookies on the shelves when we are out grocery shopping, and I am thrilled when people tell me how much they love our treats. We hope to include you in this happy group.

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