Nightingale Ice Cream
Created by former chefs, Nightingale Ice Cream is built on a love for all things food. Mix in equal parts hard work, dedication to the craft + an appetite for fun, you’ll be left with our mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind ice cream sammies. Inspired by making people smile, we have one simple goal: to spread joy & eat ice cream. A Woman & Veteran owned company, Nightingale Ice Cream was created by Hannah Pollack and her husband Xavier Meers. Both professional chefs, Hannah & Xavier met in the kitchen & bonded over their love for spreading joy through food. During their 5 year restaurant run together, Hannah created the first Nightingale ice cream sandwich as a restaurant dessert option. Gaining almost instant popularity, Hannah & Xavier were soon filling ice cream sandwich orders for markets, restaurants, and events all over town. Shortly thereafter, they left the restaurant kitchen behind to fully embark on their new venture—one born from a love of their culinary crafts, classic desserts, and each other. Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches are gourmet and handcrafted, so they cannot be compared to any other ice cream novelty. Each sandwich uses 14 percent butterfat ice cream + hand-mixed and made cookies. Each bite brings memories of childhood, but with a sophistication in flavor that won’t be forgotten.
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