Good Bowls
Good Bowls are healthy frozen meals that are locally sourced and made here in North Carolina. They were created by UNC Chapel Hill nutrition professor Dr. Alice Ammerman as a way to use local North Carolina produce to make frozen, healthy meals that are available to all NC residents regardless of location or income. Good Bowls’ recipes are based on the proven Mediterranean diet, and all the bowls feature whole grains, seasoned roasted vegetables, healthy oils, and no preservatives. Good Bowls are ‘Meals with a Mission.’ They are a social-impact driven organization that focuses on supporting the local food system by locally sourcing as many of their ingredients as possible and by partnering with local producers throughout the state. In addition to supporting the local food economy, Good Bowls also promotes food equity in the community. Through a number of initiatives, such as their popular Pay-It-Forward program, they work to provide nutritious and delicious meals to food-insecure families in communities throughout North Carolina.
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