Banana Wave
It’s the world’s first non-dairy banana milk. To answer your next question, yup, it’s absolutely the most delicious non-dairy milk on the planet. Steve, our CEO, combined his 35 years of nutrition smarts with a love of making super healthy drinkables, and Banana Wave was born. Plant-based, packed with whole fruit, oats, and vitamins and it’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and shelf-stable. WHY DRINK BANANA WAVE? Think of your body as an engine. Banana Wave’s oats, bananas, and B12 vitamins helps that engine to convert foods into energy. Drink Banana Wave for 10 days replacing a meal and you will rev up your performance in the gym, in your life, in everything you do. As someone who’s super into nutrition, you know that people all over the world are moving away from dairy products due to lactose intolerance and the well-documented health issues associated with animal-based products. You also know it’s been hard to find a delicious plant-based replacement for milk that’s as satisfying. Other plant-based milks have a thinner consistency and take “getting used to” for many people. But with Banana Wave fans, it’s love at first taste.
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