Nona Lim
As a former professional athlete, I was constantly seeking natural ways to gain a competitive advantage; I discovered the power of food as functional medicine. I observed how inflammatory foods would hurt my performance: my body and brain would only function at peak performance or recover faster when fueled with whole, clean foods. So I designed a healing, nutrient-dense, non-inflammatory meal program made with fresh, plant-rich, whole food ingredients and clean preparations made from scratch. Word spread, and soon I was delivering these meals all over Oakland - the Nona Lim brand was born. Today, we offer a variety of prepared meals and soups, broths, and noodles that you can customize to make-it-your-own. Infused with the Asian flavors and spices of my childhood in Singapore, we focus on whole clean food with no additives, no preservatives, low sodium, and low sugar. Our products are dairy free, mostly gluten free, and 100% crap-free.
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