Abbotsford Farms

Abbotsford Farms has created a network of nature-conscious farms (many of them being small family farms) devoted to providing high quality organic and cage free eggs. Having started in 1948 with one family in Abbotsford, Wisconsin, Abbotsford Farms has grown to become something truly remarkable.

They’ve developed a strong, committed relationship with nature and a cohesive partnership with over 150 farmers across the country. Built on values that are as solid as the Earth itself, Abbotsford Farms is committed to supplying only top quality, natural, value-added eggs. Abbotsford Farms is an egg producer certified by American Humane. Which means their farms always follow strict guidelines in the care and well being of their hens. This vigilance provides customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their products come from happy, healthy hens.

From liquid eggs to pre-cooked eggs to hard cooked eggs, Abbotsford Farms offers a full range of certified products that meet the ever-growing demand for organic and cage free items.

As the only national supplier of organic and cage free liquid eggs to the foodservice industry, you can always look to Abbotsford Farms for support, new product development, and continuous quality assurance. Now. And into the future.

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