Metric Coffee
Metric is a collection of people, stories and places all centered around coffee. We source from established partners, pay high premiums and publish transparency reports to offer real full-spectrum equity. The future of coffee depends on it. We are inspired by doing good and achieving excellence at every corner. Since day one, our philosophy has been twofold: quality coffee and people over profit. We spend a few months out of the year visiting producers during harvest to witness production, explore farms and connect the pieces to bring home quality coffee that we are proud to serve. Our commitment to people comes from sourcing coffee that is tied to a sustainable income. For producers, this means that after the cost of production, they are able to make a profit and reinvest it in their land, healthcare and family needs. For our staff in Chicago, it means competitive wages, health insurance and paid time off. Anything that involves people and coffee — we breathe, live and own it.
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