sweet 'thing
Sweet Thing started from the love of all things SWEET. It truly bloomed from the love to bake and to create the best, yummiest treats. We work very hard to make sure we are giving you what you want and that it tastes just right. This is us…… Stephanie – a consumer packaged goods maven who loves all things sweet. Loves new product development and keeping up with the latest trends. Sometimes can find Stephanie baking but usually she is either banging away on the computer, crunching numbers, out doing consumer research or talking to a customer. Chris – an accredited chef and baker. Discovered his love of the kitchen early on, completed culinary school, and went to France to learn from the best. Usually find Chris in the kitchen, rolling, mixing and baking. Chris continues to make the best concoctions and is an expert at taking a "unique one of kind" recipe and making several without losing the handmade quality.
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