Publican Quality Bread
Publican Quality Bread uses a long-fermentation process that encourages depth of flavor and ultimately makes our breads more nutritious. We produce the most wholesome products we can by sourcing ingredients locally, from people who have ethical practices. Honey is our go-to sweetener in lieu of refined sugar, and our refined flour is grown on transitional organic fields. Like most things in food, we believe that the best thing we can do is buy the highest-quality ingredients from people we care about, and let those ingredients speak for themselves. We bake our breads in a hearth oven and achieve a darker crust color because we believe more caramelization equals more flavor. We favor gentle mixing methods and fully hydrated doughs which require hand shaping. Because of this, each loaf of bread has its own characteristics, reflective of the ingredients and energy that characterize our process from start to finish.
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