Münki Food Company
This plant-based snack food company located in Asheville, NC is here to "evolve your tastebuds" with innovative, easy-to-read ingredients & globally-inspired flavors - all delivered with a "cheeky monkey" attitude - hence the name. How did it all get started you ask? Ultimately, we have Gretchen to thank for Münki when she decided to be a lifelong vegetarian at the ripe old age of 12! Gretchen (from Kentucky) & Matthew (from London UK) met when they were both lifeguards at Wet n' Wild waterpark in Orlando, FL. They were later married by Elvis in Las Vegas and embarked on this journey called life in their early 20's... Through their years, Gretchen - the "chef" of Münki - always played with snack ideas because of Matthew's constant longing for his favorite British snacks. Matthew, who loves a good beer, thought her trail mixes were the perfect companion to a pint. Of course, when he ran out of them, all she would hear was (insert cliche Oliver Twist British accent) "Please sir, can I have some more"... so they started to think - "hey, we might actually have something good here"! Both having crushed it for 15 years in the design & product development industry, it was the natural next step to design packaging and get this thing going...Münki was born! Münki is an extension of what they love in life - good food, music, animals, art, travel, global culture & just plain fun. They say… do what you like. Well, we love what we do and we hope it shows! Fancy a nibble for a good cause? A portion of the proceeds from every bag sold goes to animal welfare (a cause close to our hearts), so grab a bag & help a life.
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