'Stressed Out' Is The New Normal. Over the past couple of years, we noticed something alarming: Nearly everyone we talk to is stressed—including us. Was it always this way? What’s changed? Maybe it’s because of our increasingly hectic lifestyles? Maybe it’s due to unrealistic expectations being put on us by society and technology? Maybe it’s from our divided political environment? Whatever the reason, it’s taking a toll on our physical and mental health—and we were tired of sitting back and watching. Unity is Born. In early 2018 we assembled an all-star team. Together, we spent countless hours, weeks, and months formulating Unity. Each nutrient was researched and selected for its unique role in helping to improve physical and emotional well-being. Our goal was to bring something to the market that was both healthy and tasted great. Something beautifully crafted—from the branding to the flavor. Simply put: Something good for U and your mental health. We hope you love Unity as much as we do!
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