Roots and Leaves
Haley's Story Roots and Leaves was established in 2018 by Haley Maness and was born out of desperation and necessity. I (Haley, Founder/Owner) was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and mold exposure and it was wreaking havoc on my health and life. Mainstream medical was doing little to help, so I started researching alternative treatments. God introduced me to the healing world of herbs and I haven’t looked back. My first and most powerful product, Elderberry & Honey Tonic, was what began my healing journey. When I take it, I feel better. It’s as simple as that. I infuse twelve total herbs and roots into the tonic and add raw honey, making it a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial immune boosting product in one small daily dose. It’s not the only tool in my natural healing toolbox, but it is one of my favorites...and always will be. When I saw the potential healing it brought into my life, it motivated me to branch out even more with herbs and nourishing foods. I can honestly say that I am 90% better than I was a year ago, and friends ...I was miserably sick a year ago. ​One of my favorite quotes, that resonates so deeply with my calling in life is, “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” I have lived with the physical, chronic, daily, and draining pain that comes with illness and no answers. I see you, I GET you... those of you that suffer daily in brave silence. Every product that I create is geared towards your ultimate health and healing, and there will be many more to come because it is my passion to bring organic herbal remedies into your home, that you can actually afford. Food is our medicine and Herbs are our healers. Let me help you tap into that truth. Never underestimate the power of whole foods, herbs, roots, berries, and spices to bring abundant life to your weary bones. ​Our products are handmade and packaged by us with an extra dose of love and prayers. Even our three-year-old likes to "shake" the tea bags to help mama mix them up well. We only give to your family what we would give to our own! Thank you for visiting our site and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! I'm here for you. Much love, Haley, Brandon, and Addie
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