Palmetto Farms
1934 James Graham built and began operating a stone mill to make grits and cornmeal for his family, neighbors, and customers in northeast South Carolina. 1960’s As a boy, David, grandson of James Graham, spent his summers working on the family farm. 1994 Third generation David Dorman becomes a third-generation owner of the family business. 2007 Focus on Quality Grits Palmetto Farms brand was established with a focus to make one specialty product: Real good grits! Palmetto Farms becomes the leading producer in America of all-natural, old-fashioned, stone-ground grits. 2011 Success And Expansion Due to popular demand, Palmetto Farms expands with the addition of David’s sons. Devin and Andrew are the fourth generation to join the family business. 2015 Southern Pride Conway, SC Mayor declares April 14th as “Eat South Carolina Grits Day.” Palmetto Farms Today Palmetto Farms still offers the same quality that has been produced since the beginning, so whether you purchase them online or at your local grocery store, you can still enjoy creamy stone-ground grits and corn meal.
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