This started with three friends. One of ‘em is a chef. All of ‘em grew up with loud Greek families who spent their time gathering around food. Ted, Ike, and Dimitri took notes from Nonnas and Uncles at kitchen counters and over bottles of wine along the way, and they decided to build something great. They knew something we all know to our bones – that food’s important. It connects people. It closes gaps between us and it invites us along for the ride. But most of all, they knew that it better be damn good. So here we are. The guys added some friends and family to help us grow, and they made choices about what mattered. And together, we’re making something that feels a little like our roots and a lot like where food’s going next. Because we believe you shouldn’t have to choose healthy over satisfying. And you shouldn’t have to choose substance over flavor. You can have it all. And we work hard every single day to make sure that promise stands.
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