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The Farmers Not all wheat is created equal. Various regions and soils develop specific flavors in grain, just like single origin coffee from your neighborhood roaster or a craft brew using locally grown hops. Different varieties of grains have their own unique flavor nuances too, and we believe the best taste comes from these heirloom grains making our wheat as good as it gets. We source only from people we know and who practice preserving the identity of these precious grains, farming in the traditions of agriculture past. No nasty GMO’s, lab concocted chemical herbicides or synthetic fertilizers; just rich soil, sunlight on open fields, and rain from the sky. We pride ourselves on knowing these people by name, their families and the fields where they grow for us. We chose to work with them because they believe in what we do. The agricultural traditions handed down from generation to generation are the most trusted and pure. They are keeping those time-honored traditions alive in the 21st century having dedicated themselves to organic farming. These people are the real deal, the salt of the earth and true stewards of the land. At Inked Organics we are proud to exclusively share these select identity-preserved heirloom grains with you in every one of our breads. The Millers Great grains deserve great millers. Milling grains into flour is an often overlooked step that matters as much as how our wheat is grown. Inside the mill attention is paid to every detail and the result is a level of quality you only get through generations of knowledge and skill. They mill our grains slowly to prevent nutrient damaging heat typically seen in large commercial operations, assuring the natural goodness in every grain makes it way into each Inked Organic loaf. We never use enriched or other flours stripped of valuable natural nutrients only to add stuff back just to meet a “legal definition”, or to create the facade of an attractive nutritional panel. Our whole grain flour actually is made from the whole grain. Nothing else has been added. We’re not afraid to tell you that, but other brands might be. We believe fresh matters, and we bet you do too. The flour at big box bakeries can sit for weeks or even months before they turn it into bread. Sadly, this is true even for many other organic brands. At Inked Organics our select flour is milled within days of baking so you get the full-on fresh experience the way bread was meant to be. The Bakers Baking great bread requires great passion Instead of stamping out tens of thousands of loaves each day on gigantic automated production lines, our breads are crafted by artisans across the country in smaller bakeries staffed by people who really love making great bread. Our partner bakers honed their craft over years filled with passion and a love for what they do. We focus on doing it right knowing you’ll love the result. Just like our farmers and millers, we know these folks by name. We selected them for their skill and their business ethics. They don’t work for us, they work with us. They are partners in our joint mission to serve you great bread. Not only do we provide jobs for small businesses but we support people who treat their workers like family. That’s important to us.
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