At Tribe, we have always been about real food made with the highest quality ingredients. As health trends have come and gone, we’ve stayed focused on just one thing, making great hummus. In fact, when Tribe Hummus was founded in 1993, a lot people didn’t know what hummus was. But just two years later we were leading the way in making hummus one of America’s favorite new snacks. So how did we do it? By making hummus just like you would. We take simple ingredients like you have in your own kitchen and turn them into something irresistibly craveable. And though our process may be simple, we’re always pushing boundaries and taking our humble ingredients to new heights, with a full array of flavors ranging from traditional to spicy. We even launched our sweet flavors to satisfy even more delicious hummus occasions. And on top of it all, we’re always keeping it clean. We’ve removed artificial preservatives from our hummus, on every flavor, in every size. An in celebration of our product, we launched new clean packaging. It’s our way of saying we know what you put in your body matters, and we’re here to lead the charge. Sure, we’ve been using the same ingredients for over 25 years, but we’re always finding ways to make them taste like new. We’re proud of where we came from, but we’re even more excited where we’re going. "We're Always Pushing Boundaries."
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