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Finally, gluten-free pasta done right Bland food is just, well…boring. That’s why we’re dialed in on a singular mission (some may say obsessive, and we’re ok with that) to ensure everyone can enjoy pasta that actually tastes like pasta – no matter dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices. We believe fresh pasta can be gluten-free and still have the same amazing taste and texture as “regular” pasta. That’s the standard each of our products has to meet before ever making its way to your plate. How it began Taste Republic was born from a passion to help. In 2008, wanting to solve the longstanding – and previously unsolved – challenge to make a gluten-free, fresh pasta that had the same amazing taste and texture as its regular counterpart, one of Taste Republic’s cofounders (our resident creative genius) nailed the recipe. His inspiration and motivation? A friend diagnosed with celiac disease who could no longer eat traditional pasta. On the heels of the invention (to us, this is like Wright brothers level stuff), Taste Republic’s five founders focused on blending purpose, passion and pasta to create what’s become one of the most popular gluten-free brands. That drive led to the creation of numerous gluten-free and grain-free pastas that continue to set the standard for what’s possible.
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