A Better Marshmallow (How We Make Dandies Special) No Gelatin NO GELATIN This is the magic part of Dandies: no animal products in our marshies! Other marshmallows contain gelatin (it comes from various animals and animal parts). Dandies Marshmallows are proudly plant-based and vegan (just like us)! No Artificial Flavors Or Colors NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR COLORS (or flavours or colours if you’re fancy) All of our flavors are derived naturally and our colors come from vegetable sources. No Corn Syrup NO CORN SYRUP Traditional marshmallows are loaded with this stuff. We sweeten Dandies with tapioca and vegan cane sugar. kosher KOSHER Dandies Marshmallows are kosher under the supervision of cRc. Non-GMO NON-GMO We're proud to have been the first ever non-GMO marshmallow! You won't find any genetically modified ingredients in our delicious marshmallows. Gluten Free GLUTEN FREE Dandies are manufactured in a gluten free environment on a dedicated gluten free line. While we process gluten in our building, we strictly control the usage and storage of wheat in our facility in accordance with our Allergen Management Program. No Peanuts ALLERGEN FRIENDLY Dandies are free from many common allergens (wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, shellfish, fish, mustard, corn, and sesame). Dandies are made using soy. If you have any specific allergen questions, we are happy to answer them. Please email us at
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