Kaukauna Cheese
n 1918 Hubert Fassbender formed his own distributing company in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, which soon became known as South Kaukauna Dairy and eventually Kaukauna Cheese. After years of experimenting, he perfected a cold pack method of cheese production. This consists of grinding natural cheese to a fine texture and, without heat, combining it with whey solids, dry milk, and flavors such as wine and spices. The flavors come through, and the product remains spreadable at room temperature. Fassbender chose a ceramic crock as the distinctive container for his new product. His cheese was served in hotels and clubs in the area and acquired the nickname “club cheese.” The Kaukauna Klub brand was introduced and copyrighted in 1933, the year the firm also began to market the product in the gray stone crock. In 1974, Kaukauna Cheese moved to its present facility in the Little Chute Industrial Park in Little Chute, Wisconsin. With the development of highly specialized production equipment in the 1970s, Kaukauna Cheese was able to satisfy growing demand for its distinctive flavors and became the nation’s largest manufacturer of cheese balls and cheese logs. Over the years, the fine quality of Kaukauna spreadable cheeses has been recognized with dozens of gold medals and blue ribbons. In 2003 alone, for example, Kaukauna won 1st place for its sharp cheddar cold pack in a U.S. Cheese contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, as well as the Governor’s Sweepstakes Award at the 2003 Wisconsin State Fair. Years ago Hubert Fassbender said, “We must never waste our care nor risk the flavor of Kaukauna Klub trying to work with cheese that isn’t worthy of the effort.” This high-quality standard is still followed today under the auspices of Bel Brands USA – with results you can taste in every cup, tub, ball or log of Kaukauna.
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