Red's Quality Acre
Building community through the culture of food Red’s Quality Acre is a collaborative effort to bring quality produce to the Triangle region, while building community through the culture of food. We are committed to sustainable agriculture to help increase access to locally-grown food. Red's was founded in 2015 on one acre of land in Orange County, North Carolina, by Dave Henderson and Caitlin Law. Red’s Quality Acre came to life as Dave and Caitlin continued to explore their desire to bring quality produce to a community they care for. Together they built this project with a focus on utilizing hand driven, high quality farming practices in hopes of building a strong community network through their work and produce. In Dave’s words, "There is no better community to raise food for than the community that raised me," and in January 2015, Red’s Quality Acre was born in his hometown of Durham, North Carolina with the help of family and friends.
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