Bethesda Farm
Bethesda Farm began as a dream to provide the best-tasting, healthiest local eggs available and to use the profits to benefit the community. In 2016, brothers Sean and Jack Hellein received the first organic hens on pastures near Jacksonville. From the beginning, the welfare of the hens at Bethesda Farm came first. “Whatever happened, we wanted to make sure our birds had the opportunity to express themselves as birds,” Bethesda Farm founder Sean Hellein says. Bethesda Farm hens live outdoors on organic pasture, chasing bugs and soaking up the sunshine in a quiet country setting. All that goodness finds its way into our eggs. The result of putting the chicken first? A superior egg in every way. “People love the great taste of our eggs,” Sean says. The unique taste of Bethesda Farm eggs results from careful planning and refusing to take short cuts. As a non-profit company, Bethesda Farm dedicates all profits from the sale of eggs to the communities in which it is a part.
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