mmmpanadas is the creation of husband-and-wife team Cody and Kristen Fields. A U.T. grad, Cody fell in love with empanadas while working in Costa Rica. Then, on a trip to Austin in 2006, Cody met Kristen and fell in love with her, too. Together, they began making a variety of empanadas for local bars and coffee shops. Next thing they knew, they were married and slinging gourmet empanadas out of a big red truck. Ten years and two kids later, mmmpanadas has moved beyond the truck and can be found in many local and regional grocery stores. Through it all, Cody and Kristen have been beyond lucky to work with amazing people who have helped them take mmmpanadas from a small shared kitchen to your frozen food aisle. mmmpanadas is definitely a group effort! Thank YOU for your business! We hope you love mmmpanadas as much as we do. Giving Feels Good Over the years we have had the honor to help a variety of not-for-profits, have some fun, and raise a little money for their cause. From local to national organizations, they asked and we said yes. While we can’t honor every request, we promise we will always help on some level. Because giving back is really what it’s all about. Please contact Kristen at any time. She’s here to help.
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