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J DeLuca Fish Company, Inc. was started in 1977 by John DeLuca President and CEO. He is the grandson of a fisherman who immigrated to America in 1915. John’s grandfather began his fishing career in the small fishing hamlet of San Pedro Ca. at the age of 17. Later on early mornings when John’s grandfather returned to port with his catch, John then a young boy of six, would greet his grandfather with the hope of receiving a fresh tuna or bass to sell. Later when Grandpa retired John’s father Sam J. Deluca took over the family business. John’s tutelage from his father then began. The two would drive to work together and John would sit by Sam’s side all day to learn the complex business of Fish Mongering! This training prepared John to one day have a business of his own or take over the family business, John the only son was heir apparent to the family empire. After several years working in the family business and graduating from college John decided to begin his own fish company. John started from a humble office in a building behind his grandfather’s house and there launched his own fish business later to become known as J. Deluca Fish Co. Today, J. DeLuca Fish Co. specializes in fresh and frozen seafood products. The daily catch of sardines, mackerel and squid are still delivered to the same dock where his grandfather would “tie up” to unload his daily catch. With almost a hundred years of (COMBINED) experience behind John. J. Deluca Fish Co. strives to provide its customers with the finest fresh and frozen seafood. With the same dedication and determination of father and grandfather, our Endeavour to achieve excellence in serving our customers is always out goal.
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