What started as a quick snack at street festivals all over Chicago quickly evolved into a sleeper hit. When one local came back to load up a full cooler, we knew we had hit gold—so we started to get serious. Our creation had mass a-peel. With our new business quickly developing, we had one goal: make the world’s best chocolate-dipped frozen banana. Our first step? Find the best bananas. So we went straight to the source—farmers in Ecuador. The difference that a freshly-picked banana made for our Banana Babies was clear. That’s why even today, all our fruits are always fresh frozen. But the banana was just the start. We began doing tests—more than 220 different tests, in fact. Eventually, we stumbled on the right combination of chocolate dip, frozen banana, and stick. Our new Banana Babies were born. A creamy frozen banana, covered in premium chocolate that didn’t crack like other coatings—and a stick to hold it all together.

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