Bantam Bagels
Our Company, Bantam Bagels, has been operating at the velocity of a rocket launcher. We began with insanely delicious homemade bagels from our Brooklyn apartment. Setting out on a mission to change the way people eat an iconic food, in less than 4 years we took our homemade bagels and opened a shop on Bleecker Street, caused a national disruption in the bagel market, and grew our distribution from that tiny Bleecker Street shop to two product lines in over 16,000 stores nationwide (not to mention, having two babies along the way!). By far the most entrepreneurial lesson we’ve learned is that it’s not all about selling, but actually about connecting. Food is so personal and we feel lucky to be able to connect with our customers every day in the most personal of ways through the products we take so much pride in making. We wanted to carve out a special section on our website and dedicate it to the dreamer, hustler, “work-harder-than-everyone-elser” - the entrepreneur. We want to share excerpts from our own journey with the hopes that we can inspire, teach, or simply entertain the people who are eating our products and making our dreams come true. Hope you enjoy!
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