Alex's Awesome Sourdough
When I developed an autoimmune condition in 2016, I turned to nutrition in hopes to heal. After months of dieting, I discovered that modern bread, high in gluten and industrial ingredients, aggravated my symptoms. When my doctor recommended sourdough as an alternative, I gave it a shot. Amazingly, I felt a difference in the way I digested the bread. Sourdough, which is fermented with wild cultures, is a slower baking process that increases the bioavailable nutrients in the dough, lower its glycemic index and makes it easier to digest. When my autoimmune symptoms subsided in 2017, I felt compelled to create a natural foods brand highlighting the wholesome and nourishing qualities of sourdough. Additionally, our team is proud to say we are the first USDA Organic and Non GMO Verified pizza on the market. Everyone at Alex's Awesome Sourdough looks forward to sharing these artisan, feel-good pizzas with you!
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