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Vive Organic was founded by three friends in Southern CA -- Wyatt, Kyle and JR. After an illness drove Wyatt to explore a proactive health approach, he met a team of holistic specialists that opened his eyes to how nature could help him thrive. He was inspired to share this experience with as many people as possible. With family in the produce industry, Kyle saw first hand the effects that farming practices can have on economies, the land and the world. This fueled his passion for ensuring all Vive ingredients come from the best, and most responsible sources. In 2015, they blended their wellness experiences, the expertise of holistic doctors and the best of mother nature into a fresh, functional shot they called Vive. The first shots were sold in the back of JR’s surf truck in Venice beach, and his hustle made it possible to spread the Vive love to more people. (Like you!) Today, each shot is made with the freshest roots, herbs and fruit from our partner farmers. We work closely with our network of small organic farms, seeing first hand that high standards of sustainable farming are met. Vive uses ugly produce -- produce that is not perfect enough to be sold in a grocery store -- whenever possible to save water, minimize CO2 emissions and decrease food waste, and our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. And remember those doctors that set Wyatt on the path to proactive health? Those same doctors helped craft the original Vive shots and are still a crucial part of the Vive team to this day. Each shot is doctor-crafted to maximize it's functional benefits. The formulation for one shot can take months, working with our holistic doctors to find the perfect balance of flavor and function. So give Vive a shot, and enjoy the wellness kick you can taste!
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