SunFed Ranch
SunFed Ranch was founded by members of two ranching families with deep roots in the foothills of the Sacramento Valley and the rangeland of the Klamath Basin between Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake. Our cattle are born and raised in those open spaces where we have adapted to natural weather patterns to grow premium quality grass fed and grass finished beef year-round. SunFed Ranch’s founding ranchers, the Byrne and Donati families, are committed to upholding the traditional farming methods and maintaining the heritage of our local farm communities. Matt Byrne and Chris Donati are the driving force behind SunFed Ranch, representing the youngest generation of families that each trace their roots in California ranching back more than 100 years. We partner with other SunFed Ranch family ranchers to grow the highest quality grass fed beef possible in a way that sustains the land, the cattle and our families’ ranching businesses for the long term. SunFed Ranch and our cattle are part of nature’s cycle— from the oak woodlands of the foothills and the coast, to lush mountain meadows and high desert. As environmental stewards, we are committed to caring for our open spaces, watersheds, native plants and wildlife—today and for future generations. For many years, SunFed Ranch families have been nourished by the sun to grow beef in balance with the land and the plants and wildlife that make our grasslands their home. SunFed Ranch is committed to raising our cattle with the best of care. We know that proper livestock handling is not only ethical, but also supports our cattle’s health and well-being, resulting in the safest, highest-quality beef. We raise our cattle in a low-stress environment with room to roam each day of their lives and access to abundant grass and water. Our processing plant has also successfully passed a strict humane handling audit.
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